And we are humbled…

Pastor Stecker gave a wonderful sermon this morning on remaining humble.   In watching Pastor Meeker and Lorna’s ministry, it is truly a lesson in humility.  Mama Lorna leads with the humble heart of a servant. With her quiet presence, she leads by example, always thinking of others. Pastor Meeker uses a much bolder approach(🤣), but is also always thinking of others in their heavenly journey. He greets others as simply with “Are you baptized?”, as we would with “How are you?”  We pray that we can bring this humble ministry home!

We were also blessed to witness 2 baptisms. Pastor baptized this young mother years ago and now was able to baptize her child and niece!

As an extra surprise, the new high school was also dedicated by Pastor Stecker! We were honored to plant shade trees all around the school. They are so appreciative of the support of Emanuel!

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