Almost home!

After many, MANY hugs and tears, we are on our way home. As we sit in the Amsterdam airport, we are reflecting on some of the moments from our trip. Following are a few special pictures and comments from our team:

Ben Oberlin – My favorite experience was mudding a hut for a 90 year old grandmother and her 4 grand children. It was amazing that the entire community joined in the effort to build the new home and support her family. She was so touched and grateful for our help. We were able to finish our hard work with a dance party inside the new hut.

Corrie Oberlin – I didn’t know what to expect when we first arrived in Kenya. I knew it would be different than the states that is for sure. I definitely would say I had faith and trust in the Almighty to help me along this journey. I did not feel like I was worthy of bringing the love of Christ to POG. My heart & mind was changed after playing with the junior high kids during Amanda & I’s turn to play games out in the field with all the age groups. There was a group of 7th & 8th graders that were just so excited to talk to me, ask me questions, and teach me Swahili. They were curious about my skin color, my freckles, my veins, color of my hair and tattoos. There was no judgement, just love and kindness and the want to know one another. It helped to show me that we are all one with Christ, no matter who we are or where we are. We can all show love, kindness, & grace with the help of our Lord and Savior.

Raeann Kusch – There were so many incredible moments, it’s hard to pick just one. Getting to meet the child I have been sponsoring for the last three years was a highlight of the trip. Learning that he was an orphan made it even more meaningful. After fundraising to help buy the land for and build the high school, getting to be at the opening dedication of the building was an incredible experience. Handing them a cross made by Dennis Herman made the event even more special. Sponsoring VBS for over 700 children was a challenge and a blessing. Seeing the homes the children come from was eye opening. Mama Lorna is a saint. A true Proverbs 31 woman.

Pastor Stecker – As our trip comes to an end I am once again reminded of the intensity of the need, the progress of the work and the importance of our shared mission with Point of Grace. The team embraced the children with such love and devotion and the children responded in a joy that would bring a tear to even the most severely trained “stiff upper lip” people among us. One team member said it best when he told me “Pastor….how do I tell them back home….you just have to see it for yourself….I can’t explain it…. I can’t find the words.” Those of you who are sponsoring children and/or contributing to our “Joining hands in the Mission” fund are making both these mission trips and the building of a high school possible! You are helping so much at what has become “Hands of Mercy” that proclaim the Gospel of Christ in Word and Deed! Thank you Emanuel! We look forward to a Mission Sunday where we will do our best to bring the trip to you!

Carla Stecker – Each time I visit Point of Grace, I leave a larger part of my heart behind! Every day brings new joys , laughter and memories as we each interact with the children/ and adults in the community.  Although I have many moments in my quiver , one will forever be etched into my heart! In 2009 we began sponsoring 8 year old Christine. On Sunday , September 19th 2021, we had the incredible privilege of standing at the Holy Waters of Baptism of her precious 2 year old daughter Talia.  As David baptized her in the name of the Father , and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit for the forgiveness of sins, and the gift of Eternal life , and placed the sign of the cross on her forehead and on her heart as one redeemed by Christ the  crucified—time stood still! Two generations affected by the resurrected Christ in a small remote village across the oceans, thousands of miles from Fort Wayne Indiana reminds me that we must never ever stop praying for those without Christ, and continue to support the children at Point of Grace! Daily, over 700  children receive love , security, nutrition, education, a sense of community/ belonging and most importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of this -both Christine , and now Talia , and hundreds of others have eternal hope! This all began with sponsoring one young girl in need of love 💕!

Brian Blair – As Pastor Meeker would say “WHOA”. This could be used in various ways. Whether seeing what has been accomplished in really such a short time at POG or seeing how much our sponsored child, Juliette has grown up or how these children have so much faith! But my favorite experience is on the following video (hopefully you can hear it) these kids can SING and it will swell your heart! God Bless Point of Grace!

Going to Sunday morning church.

Peyton Sweet – My favorite moment of our mission trip was at the end of final day of VBS, where the entire team was out dancing with the kids. Just being out there with the kids, you can see how happy they were and how much fun they were having; and also can see how much fun the team was having too. That to me, was the best moment of this whole trip.

Amanda Graham – This photo makes me cherish every incredible moment that I had with these children from Point of Grace. Not only do these children radiate joy,
but I also feel that within myself when I am around them. Behind all of the smiles and faces of laughter, bear hardships. In the midst of these challenges, these children rely on God. It is very clear when you are surrounded by over 700 students who sing praises to God in everything they do, that He is the center of their lives. I’ve learned so much from these little arms hugging me and will forever be grateful for this experience.

Kelly Blair – As I look at the above thoughts and think of the day-to-day activities we did at POG, the highlights would be endless. I loved the activities with the students, have never been afraid of hard work, and felt a special kinship with the ladies of the area. We could all learn from this humble community that supports each other so greatly. Our prayer now is that we not only continue our support of POG, but bring this joy and sense of community back home. So, let’s SING! Let’s DANCE! And let’s share our love for one another with OPEN HEARTS!

One thought on “Almost home!

  1. I have been touched by the spirit and presence you have each reflected in your post. May this mission continue onward and upward. Thank you for all you did to preserve that.


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