And we thought sanding walls was hard work!🤪

Today’s task was to mud a hut. This is the 6th hut that Emanuel has financed! This year’s home was built for a grandmother that is raising her 4 grandchildren.  A frame had been built and we were to fill it with rocks and mud. Although it was hard work, we had many helpers. Several of the POG graduates we met last night along with neighbors and friends of the family (ranging in age from 18 to over 80!), were all there to help. What a great sense of community!

Needless to say, we were pretty wiped out! The rest of our day was spent doing various activities…visiting with and playing games with students, organizing the library, and checking on the progress of the window installation. It’s time for a good nights rest!😴

2 thoughts on “And we thought sanding walls was hard work!🤪

  1. Look at their beautiful smiling faces. What a blessing to be able to help this dear grandmother and her 4 grandchildren. You all are touching their lives forever. ❤️


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