The joy of women that love the Lord!!

How contagious is an 80 year old woman that can sing and dance and chant with joy for our Lord with more energy than a teenager? Very!!!! This morning, we met with the women’s group that Lorna works with. This group meets to support each other, learn work and independent living skills, and to worship. Although their lives have been more difficult than we will ever understand, they wanted to offer us a program filled with song and dance. We were able to present them with a gift, but they gave us so much more!

This afternoon, we headed back to work. Some of the Emanuel donations were used to buy new windows and several members of our team helped place the windows in the 1st floor of the high school. The other half painted the frames.

Finally, we met with a group of young adults that are graduates of POG. It was very obvious that this school had become their home and that Pastor and Lorna Meeker were truly their Mama and Baba. Some if this group will be heading back to college and others will be helping us with a project tomorrow.😅

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