Are you rich or are you poor?

Hmmm….good question. We most often think about our worldly wealth. And, probably, many of us are not satisfied. But how often do we think of this question in our spiritual life? This, of course should be our focus! As we traveled to some of the homes around POG, the first reaction might be “these people are poor”. However, as we spoke to each of the women, it became so evident how rich they all were. We were brought to tears with how abundant their love for Christ was. One 90 year old woman, who thought we were there to bring her medicine for all her aches and pains told us that visiting and bringing the word of God was so much better!

Later in the day, we finished our job of sanding the classroom walls. Yay!! It was a great feeling of messy accomplishment. 🙂

Our last task of the day was to deliver 4 blankets that Corrie made to the rescue center that houses the youngest members of POG. There is always plenty of time for hugs and cuddles for this group!

We pray that all are rich in Christ!

One thought on “Are you rich or are you poor?

  1. Thank you for sharing all your precious time with these special people with us. Love the pictures also. Praying for you all. ❤️


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