We made it to Nairobi!! (barely)

We made it to Nairobi, but it wasn’t without a few trials!! We woke up Saturday morning to find out that Ben’s Covid test result had not come in. After reaching the lab, he found out they had it, but the result had not been read yet. Now a decision had to be made…Should we go? Cancel? Postpone? That old Satan was trying to hold us back!

If you can’t tell we are sad!

In the end, most of the team left as scheduled and Ben was able to catch a later flight from Detroit!! You would have never seen such a happy team!

 Ben, the 8 other members of the team, and Pastor Bryan and David from New Hampshire were all able to meet in Amsterdam. We traveled from there to Nairobi together. After another delay in customs😕, we were finally able to meet up with Pastor Meeker. We are staying at a small hotel for the evening and will finish the last leg of our trip tomorrow

…..an 8 hour drive to Point of Grace. Please pray that our last bit of travel goes well and the real reason for being here can begin!

…around midnight

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