Welcome to the 2021 Point of Grace MissionTeam!

First Row: Carla Stecker, Peyton Sweet

Middle: Ben Oberlin

Second Row: Amanda Graham, Corrie Oberlin, Brian Blair, Kelly Blair, Raeann Kusch, Pastor David Stecker

Lower left: Pastor Bryan Stecker

Lower Right: David Morin

David Morin – I am going to be in the TECHNICAL HELP/TEAM SUPPORT role. I have been helping out with our streaming services and audio setup at Grace Lutheran Church in Nashua, NH so the technical support was a good fit. I am excited to have the opportunity to provide assistance in all regards to the trip, and hoping that this background will help specifically with a smooth delivery of daily blogging efforts and with the videography of the entire trip for when we bring the mission home to Emanuel as well as Grace Lutheran. I have continued to pray to the Lord that He will provide the entire Team with the strength and focus needed to fulfill our mission this year. Even though I do not know the Team well and have only met virtually once, I am excited to grow with the group through this experience and am truly blessed to to have the opportunity to contribute to such a wonderful mission. I am also excited to break out of my comfort zone and get my hands dirty helping those less fortunate, and hopeful that through this experience, the Lord will strengthen me as an individual and give me the confidence to assist with other missions in the future. I think that this will be a life changing experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives, bringing joy to the Point of Grace community and bringing us all closer to God.

CORRIE OBERLIN – I will be the TEAM NURSE on our trip. I am the keeper of the medications and first aid kits. My hope is that everyone stays healthy and injury-free during our stay at Point of Grace. I am very excited about meeting the children, learning how they live, and how I can experience their environment around them. I have no idea what it will be like, but hope that God will use me as an instrument to help the Meekers and all of the children at Point of Grace. As one of my favorite Bible verses goes…I will walk by faith even when I cannot see. Corinthians 5:7.

BENJAMIN OBERLIN – I am very thankful that God provided me the opportunity to be part of this year’s Kenya Team. I am also thankful for the support given to us, by the members of Emanuel, to help God’s word grow within others and within ourselves. As part of this Team, my role is to HELP COORDINATE OUR CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES WITH THE NEEDS OF POINT OF GRACE. I will be working closely with Pastor & Lorna to help guide out Team to be of service to the students and members of POG. I truly believe God has called each member of our team to serve others on this mission trip. I hope this will be a seed that grows within each of us and we continue to serve as God has served us.

AMANDA GRAHAM – Hello! I am beyond excited to be a part of this Team! I am IN CHARGE OF SONGS FOR OUR VBS. Our Team has been learning them so that when we get to Point of Grace, we can teach them to the students and sing praise to God
through music! I am ALSO THE CENTRAL LUTHERAN SCHOOL LIAISON. I want to make sure our students at CLS connect with this mission. At the beginning of the year, we will be using a part of our chapel offerings to buy a cow for Point of Grace. When our Team returns, my hope is to get into the classrooms and share this trip with the students. We need them to be our future leaders in the church and in missions to help others and share God’s word!

RAEANN KUSCH – I have been given permission to join Emanuel as my daughter, Tifffany Herman and her family are members here. Tiffany was blessed to be able to go to Kenya 3 years ago and she said it was a life-changing experience. I will be the TREASURER for the trip. Each of us has planned a craft, a group project and games and we have been practicing skits to present. I am excited to be able to meet the child I am sponsoring and looking forward to sharing the ministry of Point of Grace with churches in Michigan when we return.

KELLY BLAIR – I will be ONE OF THE BLOGGERS for our trip. Brian and I will be sharing the activities, VBS, people we meet, jobs completed, and hopefully at least a portion of the joy of our trip! I have wanted to be a part of a Mission trip for a long time. I am looking forward to sharing my love for our Lord with others as well as allowing my own faith to grow.

BRIAN BLAIR – Aka – “Triple B” – Brian Blogger Blair…lol. Kelly and I will be responsible for KEEPING EVERYONE UP TO DATE ON OUR EXCITING JOURNEY! I personally have always been intrigued by this Mission. I look forward to how God will use these children to strengthen my faith. Please keep the safety of our Team in your prayers as we are on this exciting journey.

PEYTON SWEET – I am THE VIDEOGRAPHER for our Team. My main role will be FILMING and DOCUMENTING the Meekers, the kids of Point of Grace, and our Team for the majority of our time there to be used to create a small film or documentary in the future. I am really looking forward to going because of the impact we help make there and I wish to help be a small part of that. Being the youngest on this Team, I have felt kind of nervous but everyone has helped me grow and gain more confidence and I cannot be anymore excited to go this year. I hope that the experience I gain from this will help me as I still try to figure out what I want to do in the future.

CARLA STECKER : Team Coordinator: Thank you Emanuel for your continued support of this incredible mission! YOU are such a blessing to POG , and the children and Meekers are such a blessing to us!! God is so good! I have the opportunity to prepare the team to leave for Kenya. From airline tickets to making sure all the vaccines are received to assisting in team VBS, projects and
packing! This list goes on! Once there, I assist in keeping the team focused with communication and ease of operation. I help Pastor Stecker where ever I can. Thank you again Emanuel! YOU make this happen! To God be the Glory!

PASTOR DAVID STECKER: TEAM LEADER As we embark on our 6th Mission Team to Kenya and our 10th team overall, I am excited to see that there is an ever increasing number of Emanuel members who are experiencing this life changing event. As we
continue this mission outreach, it becomes more and more part of the fabric of who we are as a ministry called Emanuel Lutheran Church, New Haven. We become more aware of the opportunity to share the Gospel in Word and deed as we help Point of
Grace reach out to children in need! My major role is to be a spiritual leader for the team, helping to nurture the faith through our experience together. Then we will bring it home to Emanuel and inspire more members to be involved through the sponsorship program, donations of items, or even by becoming part of a team that will go in the future. I am very excited that this team will include my son, Pastor Bryan Stecker and David Morin, both members of Grace Lutheran Church, Nashua, New Hampshire which has the opportunity to spread this program there so that more children can receive the care the Meekers provide by God’s grace!


13 thoughts on “Welcome to the 2021 Point of Grace MissionTeam!

  1. Thank you so much for keeping us updated on your mission trip . Such important work to be done by you brave and giving people. I will continue to pray for a successful and safe trip for all.


  2. Wow this is fantastic, a great way to start interacting with the congregation and other people interested in Point of Grace via your mission trip.

    May I share this with the 4KenyasKids board of directors? Or give you their email address? All members have been to Kenya with various supporting churches in past years.

    This blog is a great communication tool plus it sets a good example for other teams. Thank you for putting forth the extra effort.

    I for one will be His servant, Jim Brockmann 260-341-6389 in USA 0799-300-184 in Kenya VIsit our favorite website https://4kenyaskids.org/ at bottom of home page David, my favorite helper gives a video tour of the school. ENJOY



  3. I really enjoyed seeing who each person is on the team. I know how to pray for each one now. Thank you got sharing.


  4. Kelly & Brian,
    This is so exciting! We are so happy for you & this opportunity to go to POG! We were blessed to be able to go at the beginning of 2020 with Jim & Cheryl! Looks like you have an amazing team prepared & I look forward to hearing about your trip through your blogs! Prayers for all of you! Mark & Kelly


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