Home is Where the Heart is

Greetings from Point of Grace! First on today’s agenda was home visits to local community members. Our team divided into three groups, each with one pastor and one interpreter. The local community speaks Luo, a local tribal language that is seperate from the more widely know Swahili or English. The purpose of the home visits were to reconnect with families that may not be regular church members, check in on elderly or sick, or establish lines of communication with community members that may not be of the Christian faith. We each had a very different experience within these groups, but each visit was powerful in its own special way.

John and I were paired with Amanda, Pastor Meeker and Nashon as our interpreter. The first home we visited was owned by an elderly man and his significantly younger wife. The two had 5 children, four of which attend Point of Grace. As we entered the home, Nashon led us all in a Luo prayer, and we all took a seat within the mud hut. As the conversation progressed, it was clear that the elderly man was in need of medical attention. He is a member of the local Lutheran church, but has not been able to attend communion due to weakness and breathing problems. Pastor Meeker was finally able to find out that the man cannot afford his heart and diabetes medication. Pastor Meeker was adamant that the man see his doctor again soon and offered transportation and financial assistance. The man was grateful for the assistance, and I know the Meekers will make good on their promise to help him and his family.The second hut we visited was home to a high school aged girl that attended Point of Grace. She had not returned this term due to her current unplanned pregnancy. The girl was an orphan and lived with her two aunts, both widowed but Muslim by marriage. She was obviously shamed by the pregnancy, but Pastor Meeker made it clear to her that her sin was forgivable, and she was welcomed back to Point of Grace at any time. His genuine concern for her wellbeing was very moving, and we were ultimately able to convince her widowed aunts to take a Catechism. The other groups each had meaningful visits as well. One group visited a paralyzed woman who was in need of a new wheel chair. One of the wheels had broke and our team had brought it back to repair. The picture below shows their incredible and creative solution. Another group met a widowed mother of 12 who had been attending a local church but had to stop going due to medical reasons. She tried to go back to the church after getting well, but the church had shunned her and refused to let her worship. Since that time, she has not attended a church on a regular basis. These people and their stories stayed with us long after we left their houses today, and I know that I will be praying for their wellbeing long after we leave Kenya.On a lighter note, I would like to dedicate my last few paragraphs of tonight’s blog to our wonderful cook, James. He was hired on as a cook the last time the team came to Kenya, but had since moved on to serving at a local university. When Lorna asked if he’d like to come back and cook for us, he eagerly accepted. His kind and humble demeanor has been a constant presence at every meal. The photos below are just a few of our incredible meals that we have had this week. Thank you James and all of the Meeker’s staff for making this place a home away from home!PS. We will be heading to Maasai Mara West tomorrow and will be taking a few days off from the blog. We should be back Saturday night and will post again then!



2 thoughts on “Home is Where the Heart is

  1. Thanks for your wonderful blogs Shannen. I love reading them. Such meaningful, important work you all are doing .. praying daily for you all! 🙏😘


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