VBS Day 2

Our Friday started off with VBS, and what a great morning it was! As usual, VBS started with a showcase of Point of Grace’s incredibly talented students. I would compare it to a daily talent show, and today definitely did not disappoint! In addition to the incredible singers and recitals, we also had an impromptu dance party with members of the local Masi tribe. Our team was pulled into the dance, which was an honor for all of us and hilarious for all of the students. I encourage you to do a quick Google search of Masi people and you’ll quickly learn what a privilege it was to dance with them!

Today’s VBS theme was “Forgive and Be Like Jesus” and our team treated the kids to a great skit on the parable of the the generous king and the unforgiving servant. We knew this was going to be well received by the students and were really excited to get started. The photos below show the story, and I will do my best to explain the skit… Chad welcomes the students and addresses the servant (Brandon) who owes him A LOT of money…Good and gracious King Chad forgives his servant (Brandon) of the large debt he owes, but the servant does not learn to forgive in return. The servant then finds another servant (John), chases him down, and demands that his small debt is repaid.

The king finally finds out about the unforgiving servant and punishes him severely for his unwillingness to forgive. Pastor Stecker further illustrated the need to forgive with two examples – Carla who is unwilling to forgive a friend who shared a secret, and Courtney who graciously forgave a parent who abandoned her. (Carla and Courtney have not really had a terrible friend or an absent parent, but these situations really resonated with the students who live here! They both are terrific actresses!)

Pastor Stecker then followed up by reminding us all that Jesus died on the cross and forgave our sins, so we should forgive others in turn. We then split the children up into the same 3 groups from yesterday and led them in a craft, a group project, and an outside activity.After VBS, our team divided again to work on our building projects. The ladies continued to paint the high school buildings and the men continued to work on the chicken coop. We try to get as much done in the time that we have, and we are really starting to see some progress!We welcome you to check back in tomorrow for highlights from our last day of VBS!



7 thoughts on “VBS Day 2

  1. I look forward to each day to see what your team has done! Prayers continue for all of you as you spread the word of God to these precious children. The construction and painting look great and I can see you’re enjoying it with smiles on your faces and love in your hearts! 🙏🏻😊


  2. Love reading about your journey with the children. What is the temperature there? It appears to be always sunny.


    1. So far, all days have been sunny (no rain) with highs in the lower 80s and lows in the mid 60s. We got a small amount of rain on the drive from Nairobi to Kisumu, but none since. It’s been pretty wonderful!


  3. Pastor still the saw-man? I remember on our trip, the saw we had was held together with wire and so dull we both had big blisters on our hand. 😩


    1. Yes! Thanks to Victoria and Chad Fox, we all have gloves and new saws. They brought over a few supplies in their bags, and it has more than doubled what they had here already.


  4. Love the Web site, the pictures of the busy and happy children are priceless. Thank you all for your time and many tallents.


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