VBS Day 1

What an incredible and humbling day we have had here at Point of Grace!

We started the day off with our first VBS program and were officially introduced to the 600 students that will be attending our VBS program for the next 3 days. The ages range from 3 to 23, and each age group welcomed us with songs, recitals, and dances presented especially for our enjoyment. (I could write a whole blog on just their singing… INCREDIBLE AND SO TALENTED!) In return, our team presented the day’s theme, a devotion, music, and skit.We then split into 3 groups, each with 150 students, and led a craft, a group project, and outdoor activity. Every 40 minutes we would rotate groups until we had seen each student in grades K-8th. Pastor Stecker and Carla led the high school group, which consists of roughly 180 students. The pictures below highlight just few of the activities we led the children in today.The last half of our day consisted of projects and updates for the Point of Grace buildings. The men have been working on the chicken coop for the last two evenings and the progress has been outstanding. The ladies spent their time sanding, scraping, and painting the new bathroom addition to the main building.

As our day comes to an end and we sit as a group over dinner, the main conversation revolves around our VBS experiences. The children, teachers, and administration have gone above and beyond in welcoming us to their community, and we in turn have fallen in love with their smiling faces. Tomorrow is VBS Day 2 and we look forward to introducing them to King Chad! (Make sure to check the blog tomorrow, it’s going to be awesome!)

Good night folks!

3 thoughts on “VBS Day 1

  1. Such joy, such spirit, so many blessings – both given and received!
    Your road is long, your work is hard, your reward is great!
    Go team. Love


  2. You guys rock!!! Outstanding use of your daylight hours by working evenings and loving some kids also. Remembering those kids singing and performing brings happy tears every time. Thank you all for serving God while serving everyone at Point of Grace.


  3. What an exceptionally busy day loaded with fun and excitement! It looks like everyone was having a great time. Love reading what you guys are up to.


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