Wait, We Are Where?

After over 29 hours of travel, we finally have landed in Nairobi! Our flights were long but went well, and we navigated the airports like pros. Pastor Stecker even smooth talked our way through customs, and we made it out in record time!

Leaving the airport has possibly been the biggest surprise of the whole trip so far. We prepared for 80+ temps but where pleasantly surprised by low humidity and temps in the high 50s last night. The locals, however, do not seem to enjoy the cooler temps and are decked out in parkas and stocking caps.

We are in Africa right?

Last night we met with Pastor Meeker and spent the night at an inn for mission teams. Today’s adventure includes a 6 to 8 hour drive to Point of Grace and many opportunities to check out the amazing countryside.

Currently, we are stopped at a shopping center in the city of Nakuru, about 3 hours away from Point of Grace. So far, we have seen a unique mix of urban and agricultural communities with views of mountains and grassy plains as backdrops. Truly something that I never thought I would ever get to experience! (The animals have been pretty great too!)

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Until tomorrow friends!

9 thoughts on “Wait, We Are Where?

  1. Prayers continue for a safe and successful journey. And when you are done………..come straight home!!

    Denny Herman


  2. I am Victoria’s father.
    In 1965, the Byrd’s did “Turn, Turn, Turn”… Ecclesiastes’ main points in music. May this be their time and season for goodness.


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