Twas the Night Before Kenya, and All Through My House…

… not a creature is stirring, not even my spouse. The backpacks are hung by the backdoor with care, in hopes that our mission trip soon will draw near.

My dog is nestled all snug in his bed, while visions of airports dance in my head. With I in my jammies, and a load in the wash, I have just settled down before my old Mac(intosh).

The moon shining down on the cut lawn below bring thoughts of my team and the places we’ll go.  When what to my wondering thoughts now appear, but the unease of travel and our future unclear.

“Now focus, get with it, breathe deep and calm down. We’ve practiced, we’ve got this, we’re all set to leave town. From Detroit to Nairobi and each stop between, God’s with us, he leads us, his grace will be seen.”

These words, they give comfort as I speak them out loud. I pray that they guide as we stick out in the crowds. A smile then slowly grows on my tired face, tomorrow we FINALLY say…

“Which way to Point of Grace!?”





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