Meet the Team

Our mission to Kisumu, Kenya begins in just a few weeks, and now is the perfect time to introduce the 2018 Mission Team! (Team members are listed left to right)

Brandon Loshe is 28 and a Technical Director and Production Assistant. He will be our team’s Videographer. Brandon has felt a desire to help others in a significant way for some time now.  He feels that this mission trip will give him the opportunity to help the people of Kenya both physically and spiritually.

Carla Stecker is 54 and works in Public Relations. She is our mission team’s Coordinator. This will be her second mission trip to Kenya, and says that her love for Point of Grace keeps growing as she watches the mission grow. She also loves to experience the joy of the children there.

Tiffany Herman is 36 and a Special Education Teacher at Central Lutheran School. She will be our mission team’s Music Director. She loves children and feels God has put caring for orphans on her heart. She also loves to travel and views every opportunity as an adventure.

Stephanie Schneider-Dawson is 46, works for the City of Fort Wayne, and will be the official Photographer for our mission. She believes that having the chance to go on a life changing experience will give her the opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually.  She is excited to learn about a new culture and meet all of the children that call Point of Grace home.

Pastor David Stecker is 55 and one of the Pastors at Emanuel Lutheran Church. Pastor Stecker is our mission’s Team Leader. He has led every mission trip since 2001, and says he continues to do so because he wants our church members to come face to face with the children at Point of Grace. In doing so, he hopes that support of the mission continues to grow in the future.

Amanda Graham is 30 and teaches 4th grade at Central Lutheran School. She will be working as the Central Lutheran School Liaison for this mission. Amanda loves being around children and says that she was excited when this opportunity presented itself. She is looking forward to working with the children at Point of Grace and serving wherever she is needed.

Shirley Deetz is 74 and is a retired teacher. She is our Home Based Kenya Coordinator.  Shirley has been a team member for several past missions, and although she will not be joining us in Kisumu this year, her wisdom and experience are irreplaceable. She says that Kenya has been a daily part of her life since her first visit, and the ability to help prepare others for their mission trip brings her great joy!

Shannen Colter is 31, teaches Art at Central Lutheran School, and is a Receptionist at a Veterinary Clinic. She also will be one of the Bloggers for this mission trip. Shannen had felt a need to serve for a long time, but was not sure how or where. She feels like this mission was a calling and cannot wait to see where God leads her.

Chad Fox is 39 and a self employed Millwright. Chad is our “Coop Man” (aka Construction Coordinator) for this trip. He felt the need to help with the mission and feels like this trip fell in line with God’s plan for him. He also sees it as an opportunity for personal growth.

John Colter is 30 and works as a Veterinarian. He will be one of this mission’s Bloggers. He and his wife, Shannen, had been praying for an opportunity like this mission for a very long time. He loves children and adventure, and believes that God chose them so that they could grow in His love and share it with others.

Victoria Fox is 33 and a Family Nurse Practitioner. She is our team’s Nurse. She has felt a need to give back for a long time, and feels like this mission was a meaningful way to do so!

Courtney Loshe is 28 and is a CPA and Dance Instructor. She will act as our team’s Treasurer. Courtney had been a part of a mission in Indiana in the past and wanted to do one in another country. She enjoys helping others and felt like this was a great opportunity! She also felt like this mission would be a wonderful way to become closer to God.

Beginning at the end of June,  our team will meet weekly in order to pack and prepare.  As our departure date draws closer, our hopes are to continue to feature the many preparations that take place before a major mission trip with pictures and posts on this blog. Please like and share to stay updated on our journey!

Thank you for your continued support, interest, and prayers as our 2018 Mission quickly approaches!

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